Blevins Franks Charitable Foundation

The Blevins Franks Charitable Foundation

Since Blevins Franks was established over forty years’ ago, our Partners and staff have regularly been involved in fundraising activities to support good causes in the territories in which the company operates. In 2016 we launched The Blevins Franks Charitable Foundation to adopt a more co-ordinated approach to fundraising.

Through small donations, the Foundation aims to provide a significant and measurable impact to local charities, good causes or individuals in need based in Spain, France, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta, Monaco and the UK.

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How the Foundation Works

The Blevins Franks Charitable Foundation was registered as a UK Charity in November 2016, with a Committee established during the first quarter of 2017.

The Committee is made up of employees from across our European operations who meet quarterly to review donation nominations received from Partners and employees. Before funds are distributed, all nominations are assessed by the Trustees, who oversee the Foundation to ensure it meets grant guidelines and achieves its aims.

The Foundation is funded predominantly through employee contributions, donations from our business partners and localised fundraising activities. Blevins Franks as a business has generously agreed to match any funds raised through staff donations and fundraising events.

Foundation Activity

In June 2017, the Foundation started its first round of donations and payments were made to fourteen organisations in Spain, France, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta and the UK. As at January 2023, the Foundation had donated nearly over €215k for 337 separate causes.

This includes organisations that provide care to disadvantaged children, foodbanks, community projects, cancer and other healthcare support, animal rescue, homelessness charities and specialist medical treatment for individuals in need.

As a company, Blevins Franks is fully committed to the growth of the Foundation and we look forward to supporting a diverse range of good causes across Southern Europe.