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Heather Appleton

Head of Proposition

Heather studied German and European Business Studies and graduated with her degree from the University of Leicester in 1994. Having spent most of her time while studying travelling between the UK and Germany, post-graduation she took full advantage of the freedom of movement within the EU as a UK national living in Germany and working in Luxembourg where she started her career in the cross-border life industry.

During her 20 years in Luxembourg, Heather developed her expertise in creating financial planning solutions for High-Net-Worth Individuals together with lawyers, private banks and specialist financial advisers across markets in Europe and further afield.

Heather now lives in the UK and joined Blevins Franks in 2014 and at the start of 2020 she joined the Senior Management Team as Head of Proposition. Today her focus is on developing our client proposition and ensuring it remains relevant for our client’s financial planning needs as well as for the current financial and regulatory environments.