Our 'Retiring to Europe' guidebook considers the options for Britons looking to retire overseas, or who are planning to move back to Europe after living elsewhere. It outlines the climate, lifestyle and culture, language, travel connections, the affordability of property, access to healthcare and the tax and other financial implications of residency in ten European countries, including the UK. For more information about the book please visit our microsite here.

Our ‘Living in’ guide books for France, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Malta examine the key tax and wealth management issues for UK nationals in these countries, and how to avoid unnecessary taxation. These books cover essential financial topics, such as: Buying property abroad; Residency and shedding UK domicile, local taxes on income, investments, inheritance, gifts, wealth and capital gains; The tax treatment of UK pensions and transfer options; Avoiding UK capital gains tax and inheritance tax and other UK tax issues that may continue to affect British expatriates.


  • Living in France

    (Edition 9) £7.50 / €9
  • Living in Spain

    (Edition 12) £7.50 / €9
  • Living in Portugal

    (Edition 8) £7.50 / €9
  • Living in Cyprus

    (Edition 5) £7.50 / €9
  • Living in Malta

    (Edition 1) £7.50 / €9
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