Moving Abroad or Returning to the UK

If you’re thinking about moving to a different country, or returning to the UK after living abroad, it is a good idea to seek financial advice now.

By getting advice before you move, you could limit your tax liability in both countries and take advantage of opportunities for:

  • Cross-border tax planning
  • Investment structures and trusts
  • Currency of investments
  • Pension arrangements, including your options for transferring
  • Planning your legacy for your heirs

Blevins Franks has in-depth knowledge of the tax regimes of the UK as well as the European countries in which we operate. With our expertise, we can make sure you get the best out of your finances, wherever you are.

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UK residents planning to move abroad

Many Britons who move abroad wait until they’re resident in their new country before seeking tax planning advice. However, leaving it this late can eliminate some of the most tax-efficient opportunities available.

Many countries which are seen as high tax jurisdictions can actually be very tax-efficient if you know how the system works. France and Spain are good examples of this. Other countries, like Portugal, Cyprus and Malta, offer very generous tax incentives to attract foreigners to relocate there.

To get the most out of your move, before you leave the UK you should seek expert advice to establish:
  • Your tax liabilities in your new country
  • How you can legitimately reduce taxation on your income, savings, investments, pensions and estate
  • If and when you should buy, rent or sell property in either country


British expatriates returning to the UK

Whatever your reasons for returning to the UK, it’s important to give yourself enough time to review and reorganise your financial affairs. This is not only for your own peace of mind, but to make sure the financial implications of your return work in your favour.

Some questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • When will you become liable for UK tax again?
  • Can you be flexible around the timing of your return?
  • How should you restructure your finances for tax efficiency?
  • When should you buy or sell a property in either country?

With our professional, personalised advice, you can avoid punitive tax implications and make use of tax-efficient opportunities in the UK to make your return as seamless and tax-efficient as possible. You may even benefit from tax advantages that are otherwise unavailable to UK residents.

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UK residents

Our extensive knowledge of UK taxation and related pensions and investment options means we can also support you if you’re permanently based in the UK.

Our team includes chartered tax advisers who can advise on complex tax matters, as well as professional financial advisers qualified to advise on wealth management and capital solutions for UK residents.