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Now the UK has fully left the EU, automatic freedom of movement no longer applies and the UK is regarded as a ‘third country’ in terms of citizens’ rights. As a result, UK citizens visiting the EU are now restricted to 90 days in any rolling 180-day period, and any Briton who wants to stay longer will need to apply in advance for a visa and/or residency permit. 

You will be required to satisfy specific requirements which vary from country to country and visa to visa.

Our visa and residency permit guides have been produced by our new European Emigration Advisory Service. They are designed to provide an overview of those visa and residency permits relevant to UK nationals who are moving to France, Spain, Portugal, Malta or Cyprus to retire and live off their pensions and investments.*


DOWNLOAD France Visiteur Visa Guide

DOWNLOAD Spain's Non-Lucrative Visa Guide

DOWNLOAD Spain's Golden Visa Guide

DOWNLOAD Portugal's Passive Income Visa Guide

DOWNLOAD Portugal's Golden Visa Guide

Please note these are unlikely to represent the best solutions if you are planning to work whilst living in the EU.