Lisbon, Porto, Northern Portugal and Madeira

Portugal's 2017 Budget: Will you be affected?

Portugal's proposed budget for 2017 includes the introduction of a new 'wealth tax' to apply to Portuguese properties worth over €600,000 and phasing out of the income tax surtax.

Brexit and expatriates in Portugal: What we know and don't know

It could be some time before we get clarity on how the UK will leave the EU and how their future relationship will evolve. In the meantime we look at how Brexit could affect your tax and estate planning in Portugal, as well as your investments and pensions.

Portugal offers sun, sea and tax efficiency with non-habitual residency

With its beautiful scenery and warm climate, there are obvious attractions to living in Portugal. What is not so well known is that it also offers generous tax benefits that outshine many of its European neighbours.

Tax-free opportunities await you in Portugal

Thinking about moving to Portugal for a lifestyle change or to soak up some sunshine in your retirement years? Did you know you could also enjoy years of generous tax breaks by moving here?

Planning for a tax-efficient move from Portugal

If you are returning to the UK, it is important to plan your move carefully in advance, and review all the tax and wealth management considerations before you leave Portugal. Do not risk undoing the tax advantages you secured by previous tax planning.

New year financial planning review for Portugal

The new year is an excellent time to carry out a 'wealth review' to make sure your money is working as well as it can for you as an expatriate in Portugal.

How moving to Portugal can save you tax

For UK nationals looking to live abroad, there are many good reasons to choose Portugal, and one of them is its beneficial tax regime. The Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) scheme was established to encourage wealthy people to move to Portugal.

How much tax are you paying in Portugal?

The tax burden on residents of Portugal has increased significantly over recent years. Nonetheless, Portugal can still offer expatriates tax advantages compared to other European countries, depending on your circumstances and tax planning.