Spain’s budget and taxation in 2021

This is the first Spanish state budget to be approved since 2018! Get to know the latest income, wealth and inheritance tax rules for Spain.

Spain's Modelo 720 deadline: What do you need to do by 31 March?

Spanish residents with high-value overseas assets need to submit the annual Modelo 720 tax form by 31 March to avoid potential penalties.

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Wealth tax reductions in Andalucía for 2021

The Spanish state budget increased the top rates of income and wealth tax in 2021 but in Andalucía wealth tax rates are lower than 2020.

Strategic financial planning for 2021 in Spain

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Spend time in Spain or have a Spanish holiday home? Freedom of movement from 2021

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Legitimately reducing your Spanish tax bill

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The tax implications of owning property in Mallorca

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