Lifetime allowance can lead to unexpected taxes (France)

The lifetime allowance limits how much you can hold in total pension benefits without triggering an extra tax charge of 55% or 25%.

Opportunity knocks for pensions and expatriates in France

With Brexit looming and more options than ever, pensions can also be a source of concern and confusion, but expatriates in France can find rewarding opportunities.

Estate planning for France - Will your family be treated the way you want them to?

Estate planning in France is made far more challenging by ‘forced heirship’ succession law and inheritance tax rates of up to 60%. The regime is particularly daunting for complex family situations.

France tax budget for 2017

France’s budget introduces an income tax reduction for low earners and confirms the PAYE system will start next year. There are no changes to wealth tax and only a minor one to succession tax.

Is your tax and wealth management in shape for France in 2017?

The New Year is a good time to review your financial planning for France. Is it up to date? There are various elements you should consider, from investments, to pensions, to tax and estate planning.

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Lower Pension Allowance Doesn't Have to Mean Higher Taxes for Expatriates in France

A reduced lifetime pension allowance could put your UK retirement savings in the firing line for 55% tax, but expatriates in France can find opportunities to safeguard their pension funds.

Tax Planning For France In Today's World

You need to be extra careful with your tax planning these days. Make sure it is up to date with all the various tax changes and is fully compliant. You also want to check that you are not paying more tax than necessary.