Planning for a tax-efficient move from Portugal

If you are returning to the UK, it is important to plan your move carefully in advance, and review all the tax and wealth management considerations before you leave Portugal. Do not risk undoing the tax advantages you secured by previous tax planning.

New year financial planning review for Portugal

The new year is an excellent time to carry out a 'wealth review' to make sure your money is working as well as it can for you as an expatriate in Portugal.

How much tax are you paying in Portugal?

The tax burden on residents of Portugal has increased significantly over recent years. Nonetheless, Portugal can still offer expatriates tax advantages compared to other European countries, depending on your circumstances and tax planning.

Living in Portugal - The tax and financial essentials

Many people fall in love with Portugal and consider making it their home. There are, however, some tax and financial essentials you need to be aware of and plan for if you are to get the best out of living in Portugal.