Tax Planning For Spain In Today's World

You need to be extra careful with your tax planning these days. Make sure it is up to date with all the various tax changes and is fully compliant. You also want to check that you are not paying more tax than necessary.

Tax Planning

Minimising tax you pay on income, gains, pensions, wealth and inheritances.

Make sure your money lasts as long as you do

As life expectancy increases, so does the length of time needed to stretch your income in retirement. Taking the right steps now can help you afford the lifestyle you want for as long as you need.

Brexit and expatriates in Portugal: What we know and don't know

It could be some time before we get clarity on how the UK will leave the EU and how their future relationship will evolve. In the meantime we look at how Brexit could affect your tax and estate planning in Portugal, as well as your investments and pensions.

Modelo 720 Proves Profitable

Latest data on the Spanish Modelo 720 regime to target tax avoidance shows it has proved costly for many… and that ignorance is no defence.

Timing is everything if you are returning to the UK

If you are returning to the UK after being resident overseas, there are things you can do to make your move as seamless and tax-efficient as possible.

Planning for a tax-efficient move from Portugal

If you are returning to the UK, it is important to plan your move carefully in advance, and review all the tax and wealth management considerations before you leave Portugal. Do not risk undoing the tax advantages you secured by previous tax planning.

New year financial planning review for Portugal

The new year is an excellent time to carry out a 'wealth review' to make sure your money is working as well as it can for you as an expatriate in Portugal.

How much tax are you paying in Portugal?

The tax burden on residents of Portugal has increased significantly over recent years. Nonetheless, Portugal can still offer expatriates tax advantages compared to other European countries, depending on your circumstances and tax planning.

Living in Portugal - The tax and financial essentials

Many people fall in love with Portugal and consider making it their home. There are, however, some tax and financial essentials you need to be aware of and plan for if you are to get the best out of living in Portugal.