EU countries take action to reassure British expatriates

The governments of France, Portugal, Spain and Malta have offered reassurances for British expatriates there in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Review your finances for the new year

New year is a good time to check your tax, savings, pension and estate planning are on track to meet your family’s needs in 2018 and beyond.

Vote on Brexit deal must wait until 2019

Theresa May has delayed Parliament’s Brexit vote until the week of 14 January. What went wrong with the first vote and can Brexit be stopped?

Brexit deal gets green light from EU27 and heads to UK Parliament

Now that the EU has signed off May’s Brexit treaty, an orderly Brexit (and transition) depends on enough MPs voting for the deal in mid-December.

Brexit deal jumps major hurdle but UK government is divided

A Brexit agreement is closer than ever, but with the UK government in disarray, no-deal is still possible. What are the key points of the latest deal?

How might the 2018 UK Budget affect your pocket?

How does the latest UK Budget impact British nationals in Europe in terms of personal taxes, savings, pensions, inheritance tax and property?

UK government admits Brexit may affect tax-free pension transfers

While government sources say expatriates will keep the right to transfer pensions in the EU post-Brexit, they admit the tax treatment may change.

Goalposts shift for Brexit deal but transition could extend

Brexit negotiations may be behind schedule, but the UK insists the deal is 95% done and keeps options open for a longer transition period.

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We explore 7 key issues affecting UK pensions in France and how expatriates can take advantage of tax-efficient opportunities before Brexit.

Reviewing your pension options in Cyprus in the face of Brexit

Expatriates in Cyprus today can leave pensions in the UK, take a lump sum, transfer overseas and more, but Brexit may limit the options.