Spain locks in protection for UK expatriates in no-deal Brexit

The Spanish government has guaranteed residency and healthcare rights for UK nationals in Spain and Gibraltar after Brexit, but the UK must reciprocate.

Spain’s no-deal Brexit plans safeguard rights of UK expatriates

The Spanish government’s Brexit planning safeguards residency, healthcare and voting rights for UK expatriates in Spain, even if there is no deal.

France reassures British expatriates with no-deal Brexit legislation

The French government has confirmed legislation allowing Britons to stay and access benefits in France even with a no-deal Brexit.

Portugal takes steps to welcome Britons, whatever happens with Brexit

The Portuguese government has confirmed Britons can stay and access benefits in Portugal, even with a no-deal Brexit, and clarified residency rights.

EU countries take action to reassure British expatriates

The governments of France, Portugal, Spain and Malta have offered reassurances for British expatriates there in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

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Vote on Brexit deal must wait until 2019

Theresa May has delayed Parliament’s Brexit vote until the week of 14 January. What went wrong with the first vote and can Brexit be stopped?

Brexit deal gets green light from EU27 and heads to UK Parliament

Now that the EU has signed off May’s Brexit treaty, an orderly Brexit (and transition) depends on enough MPs voting for the deal in mid-December.

Brexit deal jumps major hurdle but UK government is divided

A Brexit agreement is closer than ever, but with the UK government in disarray, no-deal is still possible. What are the key points of the latest deal?

How might the 2018 UK Budget affect your pocket?

How does the latest UK Budget impact British nationals in Europe in terms of personal taxes, savings, pensions, inheritance tax and property?