The financial benefits of living in Cyprus

There are many tax advantages to living in Cyprus: special rates for foreign pensions, an exemption for interest in many cases and no inheritance tax.

What can you do with your UK pension in Cyprus in 2019?

What are today’s UK pension options for expatriates in Cyprus and what can you do to ensure financial security in retirement?

Reviewing your pension options in Cyprus in the face of Brexit

Expatriates in Cyprus today can leave pensions in the UK, take a lump sum, transfer overseas and more, but Brexit may limit the options.

How you are taxed in Cyprus: Income tax, defence tax and capital gains tax

A generous tax regime boosts the appeal of living in Cyprus. See how residents are taxed on income, pensions, investments and capital gains.

Brexit and residence in Cyprus

With under a year until Brexit, how can UK expatriates in Cyprus ensure they are legally resident and maintain access to today’s benefits?

New, additional Cyprus tax residence test

Cyprus has introduced new criteria that could make you resident for tax purposes. There are actually many advantages to living in Cyprus.

Britons continue to move to Europe – Are you one of them?

Planning to move to Spain, France, Portugal, Cyprus or Malta? We can guide you through the tax implications and advantages of each country.

What capital gains tax do you have to pay in Cyprus?

Cyprus residents are only liable to capital gains tax on the sale of Cyprus property. Shares and overseas property are exempt.

Opportunity knocks for pensions… but maybe not for long (Cyprus)

With Brexit looming and more options than ever, pensions can be a source of concern and confusion. Expatriates in Cyprus can find potentially rewarding – but limited – opportunities ahead.

Is your tax and wealth management in shape for Cyprus in 2017?

The New Year is a good time to review your financial planning for Cyprus. Is it up to date? There are various elements you should consider, from investments, to pensions, to tax and estate planning.