Did you pay unnecessary tax on
savings and investments in 2023?
Act now to improve your tax position in Spain.

Spanish tax on savings and investments

Benefit from the Blevins Franks tax planning review service.

You should have recently completed your Spanish income tax returns, with wealth tax returns also due where applicable. This can be stark reminder of how much of your income and wealth you lose to tax each year.

While of course all countries need to earn tax revenue, many people pay more tax than they actually need to. For example, it may be that the way you hold investments exposes you to full taxation, or you are holding onto UK assets. Moving assets out of the UK can provide tax benefits.

For almost five decades, Blevins Franks has provided positive solutions for private clients living in Spain. We have helped thousands of clients save substantial tax over the years, so find out if we could do the same for you.

Our tax planning review service will…

  1. Take a personal approach and start by establishing your personal circumstances, income needs, objectives, future plans (eg, whether you may return to the UK in future), wishes and concerns for your family etc.
  2. Confirm your tax residence status and where you should be paying tax.
  3. Review how you hold your savings and investment capital.
  4. Analyse how much tax could be saved by moving investments into arrangements which are tax efficient in Spain.
  5. Weigh up the tax implications of leaving assets in the UK or moving them out.
  6. Review how you hold and draw your pension funds.
  7. Look at reducing income and wealth taxes during your lifetime as well as inheritance taxes for your family and heirs.
  8. Recommend solutions that provide tax efficiency for you today and your heirs in future, and which are flexible enough to accommodate changes in circumstances, such as a return to the UK.
  9. Give your peace of mind that your tax planning is compliant in Spain and UK and you are meeting your tax obligations.
  10. Review your wealth management and tax planning annually to ensure it remains on track, takes account of any changes to legislation and your plans or circumstances.
  11. Simplify your affairs to make managing your finances and completing your annual tax returns and Modelo 720 much easier.

Find out how much tax we can save you today!

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Note that we are not tax accountants and do not offer tax return services. We are cross-border wealth management specialists who advise on highly tax-efficient, integrated financial planning solutions.

The tax rates, scope and reliefs may change. Any statements concerning taxation are based upon our understanding of current taxation laws and practices which are subject to change. Tax information has been summarised; an individual should take personalised advice.


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