Spain a year after Brexit – Changes to be aware of

A year after Brexit – what has changed for those living in Spain? While British expatriates continue to enjoy the…

The benefits of tax planning in France

Brexit a year on (Spain)

Buying Portuguese property? Six tax implications to be aware of

What should you consider before buying a Portuguese property to limit exposure to capital gains, wealth and inheritance taxes?

Looking forward to 2022 (France)

New year resolutions – review your financial planning for 2022 (Spain)

Financial planning for a New Year in Spain

Financial planning for Spain may be the most productive resolution you’ve ever made, whether you’re already living there or plan…

Strategic financial planning for France in the New Year

The New Year is a great time to be strategic with your financial planning for your life in France. The…

Strategic financial planning for living in Portugal 2022

This New Year, make it one of your resolutions to check your financial planning is on track to meet your…

Financial review of 2021 (Spain)

Financial review of 2021 (France)

Protecting and growing our wealth (Spain)

Should we invest in property or securities? (France)

Tax reforms in Andalucía will reduce tax liabilities from 2022

Tax reforms in Andalucía will reduce income tax and succession tax liabilities for local taxpayers from 2022.

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