Can restructuring UK assets improve your tax liabilities in Spain?

Will you need to restructure your UK assets when faced with higher than expected Spanish tax liabilities? Living in Spain…

Reviewing your UK pension options for your life in France

What are your UK pension options as an expatriate in France? Whether you should leave your pensions in the UK…

UK tax changes (France)

UK tax rises (Spain)

The cost of Covid – careful tax planning has never been more important

The UK government announces a rise in tax to help to re-strengthen the UK economy and tackle NHS record-high waiting…

Should you transfer UK pensions overseas? The pros and cons of QROPS

Transferring UK pensions to a QROPS can offer flexibility, tax, estate planning and currency benefits, but is it suitable for…

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The benefits of tax planning in Spain

Spanish wealth tax – are your pensions included?

Spain continues to be a favourite destination for expatriates, including those making the most of their retirement years. There are…

French succession law – new forced heirship rules

In August, France approved changes to succession law  which will affect the forced heirship rules applied on French assets. It…

Why retirement planning matters at any age

Asking key questions about retirement planning and understanding your pension options can help get you on track for your dream…

Changes to the succession rules in France

Moving to Spain – the financial essentials

Cross-border capital gains tax (France)

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