Where are you domiciled? Are you sure?

Domicile, Spain, Tax Planning
05.03.24 on Bay Radio

Domicile was one of the major topics presented in the chancellors spring budget, but what does it mean for you – and are you sure about your domicile status? Blevins Franks adviser, Brett Hanson, discusses this and more with Bay radio. 

Radio Bay Station
  • What is tax residence, and what makes you liable for Spanish taxes?
  • What is domicile – and how does domicile differ from residence?
  • What are the 3 types of domicile under UK law?
  • How can you acquire a domicile of choice?
  • How can you prove you and your family are not UK domicile?
  • What if you decide to move back to the UK after losing your domicile?

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