UK inheritance tax and domicile – what expatriates need to know

Domicile, Inheritance Tax, Spain
31.10.23 on Bay Radio

Blevins Franks Senior Partner, Chris McCann, joins Bay Radio to discuss UK inheritance tax, and what expatriates can do to avoid or reduce it for their family and heirs.

Radio Bay Station
  • What is UK inheritance tax (IHT)?
  • What the the tax rates and allowances for IHT?
  • What happens with spouses and civil partners with succession and inheritance tax?
  • What is the ‘residential nil rate band’ and does it help families avoid this tax?
  • How do you know what your inheritance tax liability will be?
  • Can British expatriates change their domicile status?

Tax rates, scope and reliefs may change. Any statements concerning taxation are based upon our understanding of current taxation laws and practices which are subject to change. Tax information has been summarised; individuals should seek personalised advice.