Managing your investments in Spain

Investments, Spain, Tax Planning
20.02.24 on Bay Radio

Managing your investments in Spain includes structuring your portfolio around your risk profile, objectives and circumstances. Blevins Franks Partner, Cathal Rochford, explains all this in detail, as well as tax and inheritance tax advantages available to residents in Spain.

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  • Should you review your savings and investments after moving to Spain?
  • What might change for investments you have held for the long term?
  • Where do you start if you want to give your investment portfolio an overhaul?
  • How do you find the right risk/reward balance for your investments?
  • What is the difference between asset allocation and diversification?
  • What is multi-manager investing – and how does it reduce risk?
  • Why is Spanish tax and estate planning a consideration for managing investments in Spain?
  • How often should you review your investments?


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