Estate planning for UK nationals in Spain

Estate Planning, Spain, Tax Planning
28.01.24 on Talk Radio Europe

Blevins Franks Partner, Cathal Rochford, joins Talk Radio Europe to take a closer look at estate planning for UK nationals in Spain – and the most pressing issues they should consider.

Radio Europe Station
  • What are the risks of delaying your succession plan?
  • How do you change your UK will to a Spanish one?
  • Does estate planning in Spain go beyond writing a will?
  • What are the differences between Spain and the UK for inheritance?
  • What is the Brussels IV regulation – and how can it help you?
  • Has anything changed for succession in Spain since Brexit?
  • What is Spanish succession tax, and how much do you pay?
  • Does UK inheritance tax apply if you are living in Spain?
  • Can you change your UK domicile status?

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