Portugal's 2017 Budget: Will you be affected?

Portugal's proposed budget for 2017 includes the introduction of a new 'wealth tax' to apply to Portuguese properties worth over €600,000 and phasing out of the income tax surtax.

Proposed Tax Reforms for Comunidad Valenciana Region

The Valencian government has recently announced new rules related to personal income tax and succession and gift tax that are expected to apply in this Spanish region from January 2017.

UK Receives New Information On Offshore Accounts

In a year’s time, tax authorities around Europe will have started receiving information on its taxpayers’ offshore assets and income, under the new global automatic exchange of information regime. The UK is already being handed details of hundreds of thousands of offshore accounts held in its Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories.

Tax Planning For Spain In Today's World

You need to be extra careful with your tax planning these days. Make sure it is up to date with all the various tax changes and is fully compliant. You also want to check that you are not paying more tax than necessary.

France Budget For 2017

The French government has released its draft budget for 2017. Our article summarises the proposed tax changes.

Make sure your money lasts as long as you do

As life expectancy increases, so does the length of time needed to stretch your income in retirement. Taking the right steps now can help you afford the lifestyle you want for as long as you need.

Brexit and expatriates in Portugal: What we know and don't know

It could be some time before we get clarity on how the UK will leave the EU and how their future relationship will evolve. In the meantime we look at how Brexit could affect your tax and estate planning in Portugal, as well as your investments and pensions.

Succession Planning For British Expatriates In Portugal

It is important for British expatriates to review their estate planning after a move to Portugal. Key factors to consider are wills, Portugal and UK succession laws, Brussels IV, domicile and inheritance taxes.

Modelo 720 Proves Profitable

Latest data on the Spanish Modelo 720 regime to target tax avoidance shows it has proved costly for many… and that ignorance is no defence.

Capital gains tax on property in France

Both residents and non-residents pay capital gains tax on French property, but the main home is exempt and tax can be reduced on second homes.