Coronavirus Update - A message from our Chief Executive

A message from our Chief Executive

The growth in the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus across the world has impacted all of us and it is clear it will continue to do so for some time. 

At Blevins Franks, we have been observing recent developments closely and monitoring the recommendations of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and local governments in the countries in which we operate. 

Whilst countries are moving at different speeds with regards to the measures they now take to ‘delay’ the spread of the virus, all seem to be heading in one direction. That is a general short term lock-down on the movement and congregation of people, designed to contain and in turn control the spread and impact of the virus. 

At Blevins Franks, we comply fully with the guidance and instruction in the local countries we are based in, but also have our own well-established continuity plans which allow us to operate fully in such difficult times.

Whilst some of our offices have closed, and some are operating with a skeleton staff, we are still fully operational.

All of our staff have the ability to work remotely. As the outbreak of the virus has gathered pace in recent weeks, we tested our continuity planning and took a number of further steps to ensure ongoing stability in our operations.

In addition, we have been working closely with our providers who are also very focused on providing as normal a service as possible. In the current business environment, some things will take a little longer than normal, so I would just ask that with any servicing requests you contact us as early as possible.

We have also taken several initiatives and measures to ensure the safety of our clients and employees, including cancelling planned seminars and collective client events.

Our team remain at the full disposal of clients to discuss financial planning and servicing requirements, either by phone or (as and when/where suitable) on an individual face-to-face basis. We will be taking calls and emails during our regular opening hours.

Therefore, please feel free to contact your local office as usual. On occasion where your local office may be busy, phonecalls may be diverted, at no extra cost, to our Malta office.

At times such as this we would be grateful for your patience, but we will continue to focus on giving you the best possible service in challenging times.

Please rest assured we continue to take every step to ensure our full operational capability through this crisis whilst acting responsibly throughout. Like you, we look forward to business and life returning to normal as soon as possible.

John Simmonds
Chief Executive at Blevins Franks