The Spanish government has taken steps to guarantee residency and healthcare rights for UK nationals in Spain and Gibraltar after Brexit, so long as the UK reciprocates.

Having announced its no-deal contingency measures for UK nationals in January, the Spanish government has now passed a royal decree to embed these into Spanish law. This is set to provide reassurance and make things easier for Britons living in Spain amidst ongoing Brexit uncertainty. 

Foreign minister, Josep Borrell, declared their intention was “to ensure that no citizen is left unprotected… The British living in Spain will continue as before and the Spaniards who live there will as well.”

Residency rights and benefits

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, Spain has offered to provide 400,000 new residency papers that will allow UK citizens the right to stay and continue accessing existing benefits.

Britons would then have until the end of 2020 to apply for a ‘foreigner identity card’ to secure the right to remain from 2021 onwards. While there would be conditions to qualify, the process for anyone who already has permanent residency would “be nearly automatic”.

The message for any as-yet unregistered Britons in Spain is to make yourself known to the authorities and apply for residency now, before the Brexit date, to receive this protection. 

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While Spain has agreed these benefits will also apply to UK nationals in Gibraltar, the decree specifies that it will have veto rights over future UK/EU negotiations regarding the territory.

Healthcare provision

The Spanish no-deal measures also include a commitment to continue reimbursing healthcare costs for eligible UK nationals settled in Spain and Gibraltar before Brexit until at least 2020.

While this is reassuring news, this guarantee depends on the UK government offering equal treatment for Spanish nationals in the UK, whether it is through extending today’s ‘S1 form’ arrangement or a new bilateral agreement.

Is anything certain?

The only no-deal pledge for which Spain has received a reciprocal guarantee from the UK is voting rights. Both countries have signed an agreement that allows UK nationals the right to vote and stand in local elections in Spain and take part in European Parliament elections.

As for the other protections, they remain conditional on the UK reciprocating for Spaniards in the UK. “Although it is unilateral measure passed by Spain” said the Spanish foreign minister, “we expect that it will be met with reciprocity by the British government.”

Mr Borrell claimed his government was willing to “do everything we can to make [them] unnecessary” by avoiding a no-deal Brexit. “We hope this never has to be used” he said. 

The UK parliament is set to vote on the revised withdrawal deal on 12 March. If rejected, there will be another vote on whether to accept a no-deal Brexit or ask the EU to delay the departure deadline by several months to renegotiate. 

With still so much uncertainty and very little time until the Brexit due date, it is a good idea to take personalised advice as soon as possible to establish what you can do to secure your future in Spain. 

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