The Cost Of A Ripe Old Age

We hear reports of new potential cancer treatments around the corner that could change the face of the disease for the better. Stem cell technology could be leading the way towards a continuous

Longevity And Its Impact On Your Finances

Provided we?re of sound health and mind, most of us would relish the prospect of a nice long life. The longer we live the more time we?ll have to enjoy the company of our loved ones, share in t

Offshore Financial Centres Face New Challenges

Offshore Financial Centres (OFCs) have been under increasing pressure over recent years to rid themselves of the ?tax haven? label. There has been an international drive for them to become fina

Will Your Pension Be An Inheritance For Your Family?

Do you remember John Major telling us how wealth was to cascade down the generations, and that his aim was to eventually abolish inheritance tax? All these years later UK inheritance tax (IHT)