Taxing Times Ahead: ?Tax increases for those that can afford them? (Alistair Darling)

In the mid-80s global tax competition intensified leading to a trend for cutting top marginal income tax rates. Today, largely thanks to the economic downturn, tax rates for higher earners are

Have We Beaten the Banking Blues?

In the US, confidence that the credit crisis is easing increased after the Treasury announced on 9thJune that 10 banks were in a position to pay back bail-out support received under the $700 bi

Offshore Bank Accounts and Tax Planning ? A Changed Landscape - Part 2

In Part 1 I covered the latest Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development?s (OECD) commitment to heap further pressure on tax havens and help revenue bodies unlock substantial sums o

Offshore Bank Accounts and Tax Planning ? A Changed Landscape - Part 1

The simple fact is that banking secrecy is dead. Offshore banks are succumbing to international pressure and it is becoming standard practice for them to report susp

Investment Planning ? Back to Basics

Spring is in the air. After the flow of discouraging economic and market news through the winter, the outlook now appears to be sunnier. There is increasing optimism

Choosing A Financial Adviser

Many people take financial advice to protect their assets from tax and inflation, so that they can hopefully enjoy a long and comfortable retirement. What many Britis

Don?t let the investment tail wag the tax dog

It may not be absolutely clear at the moment whether stockmarkets and other asset classes have now hit the bottom and are starting to recover or whether the recent G20 summit demonstrated that

HMRC Gets Tough On QROPS Abuse

For many expatriates and those planning to become non-UK resident, the introduction of Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pensions (QROPS) has brought with it unexpected benefits for their deferred

Switzerland agrees to relax banking secrecy - ?The beginning of the end of tax havens?

The ?tax haven? landscape has shifted. Over a matter of days a number of key jurisdictions, including Switzerland, bowed to global pressure and pledged to adopt international standards of tax

Are Bonds The Place To Be With Your Money?

Recent financial events have been momentous. Our grandchildren and great grandchildren will probably be studying the credit crisis and all its consequences in their economics courses.