Spain and the UK: Are You Sure You Are Paying Tax In The Right Place?

Many Britons who move to Spain understand that as a resident in Spain they are liable for tax in Spain. But some expatriates mistakenly continue to pay their tax in the UK believing that as long a

Equities V Property

Property values have always been a favourite topic for discussion at dinner parties, particularly when prices seem to be heading ever upwards and everyone wants a piece of the action. Obviously o

UK Revenue Continues Mission Against Offshore Tax Evasion

If British offshore savers were already feeling prosecuted, they may need to brace themselves. HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is considering increasing the penalties for tax evasion through offs

Protect Your Wealth From Inflation By Building On Real Assets

As the population of the world increases there will be a greater demand on necessities linked to consumer prices such as oil, energy and food. This in turn may put pressure on inflation which can

France On Warpath To Uncover Tax Evasion

France is one of the leading crusaders against tax evasion. Time is running out for those French residents who have failed to declare any of their income and wealth, including that generated or h

Using Real Assets To Inflation Proof Your Wealth

There appears to be a battle going on at the moment between inflationary and deflationary forces. We?re getting mixed messages from economists and policymakers - should we be worried about inflat

Tax, Tax And More Tax Needed In The Future!

The global recession has plunged nations into huge debt. Many national treasuries have cavernous black holes instead of coffers of gold. It is the worse economic slump in the living memories of mo

The Days of Banking Secrecy And Tax Evasion Are Coming To An End

The global economic downturn has fast-forwarded the annihilation of banking secrecy, forcing the world of offshore banking to change from concealment to transparency. It is now impossible to hide

Swiss Bank To Reveal 4,450 names To US Tax Authorities

The long running legal dispute between the US tax authority and Swiss bank UBS has been settled with UBS agreeing to hand over the names of 4,450 of its American clients to the Internal Revenue Se

Could Bonds Be Your Answer To Low Bank Interest Rates?

With more positive news emerging on economic recovery, savers will be hoping that interest rates should soon rise off their historic lows. Unfortunately expectations are growing in the City that