New year financial planning review for France

January is a perfect time to review your financial planning. Is your tax, estate, investment and pension planning up to date?

What can expatriates do with their UK pension in 2018?

What are today’s options for expatriates with UK pensions and what can you do to ensure financial security in retirement?

France reforms taxation on investment income and wealth

From 2018 French residents no longer have to pay wealth tax on savings and investments, and investment income benefits from a new tax rate.

Delaying registering for healthcare in France could save tax on your pension

French tax on pension lump sums can be very low in certain circumstances. If you can avoid social charges it will be even lower.

Is there a limited time to secure tax-free pensions in Portugal?

With speculation about a change to non-habitual residency rules in Portugal, is there a limited time to lock in tax-free UK pension income?

Moving to Portugal – The tax and financial essentials

There can be tax and estate planning advantages to living in Portugal. Its non-habitual resident regime can offer even more benefits.

Substantial reduction for succession tax in Andalucía

Andalucia has announced a major tax reform for 2018 which would substantially reduce succession tax for your spouse and children.

The adhesive nature of domicile

Understanding domicile is an important element of estate planning for British expatriates. The rules are complex and catch many people out

Major tax reforms in France

The France 2018 budget includes significant changes to how investment income and assets are taxed, including reducing wealth tax.

Taxation in France – Expected reforms for investment assets

French taxation on investment assets may soon improve, if President Macron goes ahead with his promised tax reforms.