Porto landscape; Residency & tax planning when moving to Portugal

Think beyond residency when planning for life in Portugal

Getting your tax, pensions, wealth management and estate planning right in advance will make moving to Portugal easier – and save you money.

Hands protecting a seedling: EU & UK bank deposit guarantees

How are your savings protected? Bank deposit guarantee schemes in the EU & UK

What level of protection do your savings have if a bank or financial institution fails? There are compensation schemes but they have limits.

Hands protecting seedling & coins: UK pensions & the lifetime allowance trap

Will your pensions get caught in the lifetime allowance trap?

Britons risk up to 55% taxation if pension funds go over the UK lifetime allowance (LTA), but expatriates have options that can limit exposure.

UK Budget 2021: What are the implications for UK expatriates?

While there were few immediate changes in the latest UK Budget, the freezing of some allowances is set to increase tax bills in the long run.

Should you transfer UK pensions overseas? The pros and cons of QROPS

Transferring UK pensions to a QROPS can offer flexibility, tax, estate planning and currency benefits, but is it suitable for everyone?

Reap the benefits of tax planning in France

With strategic tax planning, French residents can reduce income tax, social charges, capital gains tax and wealth tax liability in France.

Golden euro symbols: Financial planning in EU post-Brexit

Why it’s time to ‘think local' for your financial planning

EU-resident Britons with UK bank accounts, investments, insurance policies or a financial adviser may face restrictions with Brexit.

Spanish flag and building: Spain's budget and 2021 taxes

Spain’s budget and taxation in 2021

This is the first Spanish state budget to be approved since 2018! Get to know the latest income, wealth and inheritance tax rules for Spain.

Spain's Modelo 720 deadline: What do you need to do by 31 March?

Spanish residents with high-value overseas assets need to submit the annual Modelo 720 tax form by 31 March to avoid potential penalties.

Freedom of movement in Portugal post-Brexit: What you need to know

Can you still spend time in Portugal post-Brexit? See what UK nationals need to know about residence and freedom of movement in 2021.