Our books are typically reprinted every other year. If there have been any significant tax and legal changes since publication, you can find them by clicking the relevant ‘View updates’ link below.

You can also find the latest information in our country tax guides, which are updated each year. Of course we can’t guarantee that the information in these publications is up to date at any given time, as changes can occur frequently.

Also, without detailed understanding of your unique situation, aims and circumstances, we can’t guarantee that any information provided is relevant to you.

If you need to make decisions relating to living in one of these countries, contact us  to arrange an appointment with your local adviser.  Our recommendation is that you should always take specialist, personalised advice in matters relating to cross-border tax and wealth management.

  • Living in France

    (Edition 10 )
  • Living in Spain

    (Edition 12 )
  • Living in Portugal

    (Edition 8 )
  • Living in Cyprus

    (Edition 5 )
  • Living in Malta

    (Edition 1 )
  • Retiring to Europe

    (Edition 1 )
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