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It’s in difficult times like these that the Blevins Franks Charitable Foundation has been put to especially good use. Some of the causes we have been proud to support during the global health emergency include food banks, homelessness charities, hospices and healthcare organisations in France, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta and the UK.

France Donations

Here are some of the local coronavirus appeals we have supported in France.

AGAPÉ Action pour la Jeuness et la Famille (AJF)

Charity that provides weekly food parcels to families in need in the Antibes area. Unfortunately, the fresh food usually donated to the association by local supermarkets has significantly decreased as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, so our contribution was able to help them provide a week’s worth of food to 35 families.

Made up 20 volunteers (but currently down to 12 due to the current situation), the team thanked us with this message: “On behalf of the whole team and especially the beneficiaries, we thank you for this great gesture from your Foundation. The masks may hide our smiles but be sure everyone was smiling!”

La Main à la Pâte

This solidarity grocery store based in Toulouse offers low cost food to 80 families from a deprived area of Toulouse, including pensioners, students, vulnerable workers and the unemployed. They are also providing free emergency food parcels for people who become more vulnerable as a result of Covid-19.

Unfortunately, the building where they operate from has been broken into twice since the coronavirus outbreak started and stock has been stolen. With our donation, they were able to repair and secure the doors to re-open and resume services.

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Spain donations

Here are some of the local coronavirus appeals we have supported in Spain.

The Madrid Food Bank

A non-profit charity whose purpose is to distribute food to charities which, in turn, deliver to the most disadvantaged in the community. Many individuals, couples and families are struggling to afford food during these unprecedented times. Despite fewer volunteers than usual (due to the presence of the virus or a requirement to self-isolate), the food bank continues to operate to support the most disadvantaged communities in Madrid.

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Portugal donations

Here are some of the local coronavirus appeals we have supported in Portugal.

Algarve Families in Need

A small charity that supports families who are struggling financially by providing food and necessary supplies to them. During the coronavirus pandemic, the charity has been approached by many families who are unable to purchase food and nappies due to no income, as many individuals have lost jobs because of the current climate. The Foundation donation helped the charity to ensure that families do not go without the essentials during this challenging time.

Madrugada Associação

Aiming to help people and their families to cope with serious illness and palliative care in the Algarve, the team delivers care in the patient’s home and support their needs and preferences at the end of their life. The support is completely free, and the association survives thanks to the goodwill of the local population, run almost entirely by volunteers. The Foundation’s donation helped cover the cost of 24 sets of uniforms for the clinical staff who are currently required to change their uniform each time they see a different patient.

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Cyprus donations


Here are some of the local coronavirus appeals we have supported in Cyprus.

The Archangel Michael Hospice

Offering palliative care for people with life-limiting conditions at no cost, there is no other facility like it in Paphos. The hospice has nine bedrooms that can accommodate both children and adults. All the doctors provide their expertise free of charge to support the hospice; however, the hospice still faces annual operating costs of around €300,000, so relies on donations, legacies and fundraising events to continue running. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the hospice has seen a significant reduction in income as the charity shops have had to close and they cannot hold any fundraising events. The Foundation donation has helped to provide short-term support to the Hospice at this difficult time.

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Malta donations

Here are some of the local coronavirus appeals we have supported in Malta.

Foodbank Lifeline

Malta Food Bank feeding over 80 families and individuals every week: the equivalent to providing food to more than 14,000 people each year. In 2019, the charity provided more than €200,000 worth of food to people in need. Everyone has different reasons for needing support, from illness and sudden bereavement, to redundancies and increasing rental costs – whatever the reason might be, regardless of religion, race or gender, the charity will make sure they have enough food to enable them to focus on improving their circumstances.

Rafel Sammut

Rafel is an individual who opened a community ‘Victory Kitchen’ to support families in Malta who are in desperate need of a warm, hearty meal but cannot access one due to the impact of COVID-19. In order to make this voluntarily initiative a success, Rafel required funding to pay for the food supplies, so was extremely grateful for a donation from the Foundation that helped feed five families for 10 days.

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UK donations

Here are some of the local coronavirus appeals we have supported in the UK.

The Single Homeless Project (SHP)

A London-wide charity working to prevent homelessness and help vulnerable and socially excluded people to transform their lives. They set up a Coronavirus Emergency Appeal to protect as many homeless Londoners as possible during this unprecedented time. SHP calculate that more than 50% of their clients living in hostels are at high risk, with chronic underlying health issues. By working closely with the local government and collaborating with other charities, more than 1,000 homeless Londoners are now self-isolating in hotels and other safe locations. This co-ordinated effort means that rough sleepers can follow Public Health England advice. A donation from the Foundation contributed towards producing more than 500 food parcels for vulnerable individuals; sourcing over 350 litres of hand sanitiser; investing in Personal Protective Equipment for staff; purchasing vital health check equipment (such as thermometers); and creating two isolation pods for those who are showing symptoms of the virus.

Whittington Health NHS Trust

This NHS Trust in London set up a Coronavirus Crisis Fund to ensure the staff are in the best possible position to care for, and protect, the local community for the duration of the coronavirus crisis. A donation from the Foundation enabled two high quality filter coffee machines to be purchased – one has been placed in the Intensive Care Unit and a second has found a home in the ‘Project Wingman’ lounge. The Foundation also nominated the Trust to receive a bag of ground coffee from Girls Who Grind Coffee – it was a success, and 1kg of the ‘They Care We Share’ ground coffee is on its way to the staff at the hospital.

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