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Riviera Lifeline, Blevins Franks Support  Parfums des Vie, Blevins Franks Support

Riviera Lifeline

A non-profit organisation that is made up of over fifty volunteers whose mission is to help seniors to continue independent lives across the Var and the Alpes Maritimes. They offer ‘meals-on-wheels’, financial and moral support, day-to-day support, and temporary accommodation for their beneficiaries. Our donation has helped number of seniors to receive ‘meals-on-wheels’ who are unable to purchase their own food.

Parfum de Vie

A registered charity founded in 2008 in Grasse that provides community development and education programs for the impoverished children in the town. Around 65% of the families in Grasse live in poverty and 25% of children from these families drop out of school. The team provides educational opportunities, literacy and reading programs, youth groups and weekly kids clubs for the purpose of supporting the marginalized children. This is their way of investing in the future of the community. They have also built a community centre that is open all week.

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Mijas La Cala Lions, Diabetic Support Group, Blevins Franks Support  Cudeca Foundation, Blevins Franks Support

La Cala Diabetes Support Group

The group was founded in 2003 in partnership with Lions in La Cala de Mijas for the purpose of helping the local communities that were not able to receive the appropriate information about diabetes at their local doctor’s office. The group collaborates with doctors, specialists, and nutritionists to offer support to newly diagnosed diabetics and their families, and to provide extensive information and news about different matters, such as foot care, glucose monitoring, and the latest technology. One of the La Cala Diabetes Support Group missions is to re-educate local doctors about the metabolic disorder. They also offer regular meetings, informative talks, guides and operate a helpline to help people in emergencies.

Cudeca Hospice

Founded in 1991, Cudeca Hospice’s team of specialized professionals have helped more than 12,000 people in Malaga, Spain. They provide completely free palliative care to patients and their families through their home visit program, in-patient unit, and rehabilitation. Most of their patients suffer from life threatening illnesses therefore the special care also includes psychological and social attentiveness. As the requests for their help increase each year, the Foundation donation helped the association to be able to provide the special care for those in need.

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APAV Victim Support, Blevins Franks Support  Riding for the Disabled, Blevins Franks Support

The Portuguese Association for Victim Support (APAV)

A private charitable organization that assists victims of crime and their families by liaising with the police, health centres and local authorities, promotes protection and offers counselling and guidance, and encourages information spread to raise public awareness. In the last 5 years the APAV service utilization increased by 113% highlighting the necessity for this foundation. With sponsors and supporters like the Charitable Foundation, the association continues to help victims individually and offer their services for free.

Riding for the Disabled Barlavento

A voluntary, non-profit organization with a mission to making a difference to the lives of disabled people by enabling them ride horses in order to improve their health and well-being. Horse riding provides a multi-sensory experience and improves other skills, such as numeracy, spelling and listening. With our donation, the association were able to accommodate more applicants.

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Caritas Cyprus, Blevins Franks Support  Paphos Kidney Association, Blevins Franks Support

Caritas Cyprus

Caritas Cyprus was founded in 1974 and its main emphasis is on those living in poverty and that are vulnerable. They have 3 main focuses on this island – migrants, local needs, and youth engagement. They help migrants to access their legal rights and provide them with necessities like food and medicine, introduce jobseekers to employers, and encourage youth to participate in humanitarian work.

Paphos kidney association

The association works in collaboration with hospitals to provide dialysis and to support patients with kidney problems. They raise funds for medical equipment and liaise with doctors regarding the solutions and answers that people are looking for. Not only this association helps the locals in Cyprus, but they also assist people who wish to visit Cyprus and are concerned about their treatment whilst there. With the help from supporters like the Charitable Foundation, they were able to supply the medical staff with the right equipment that reduces the mortality rate of the patients by 30%.

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Women for Women Foundation, Blevins Franks Support  Karl Vella Foundation, Blevins Franks Support

Women for Women Foundation

It started as a Facebook group set up in 2015, where marginalized women came together to support each other and have their voice matter. Now the group has reached over 45,000 female members and in 2019 some of the women came together to realize this foundation.

The foundation’s mission is to help women to have the resources to be independent and to be able to support themselves and their children by giving them access to education, financial literacy, and by promoting gender equality. They collaborate with experts in such fields as domestic violence, homelessness, mental health, and education.

Karl Vella Foundation

The foundation founded in 2014 provides educational and psychological support to children who are experiencing the loss or illness of a close family member. They offer parental support, one-on-one therapy and programmes designed to teach children how to manage their emotions and well-being. Their team consists of mental health professionals, child support workers, teachers, and psycho-educators.

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Baby Basics, Blevins Franks Support  Crackerjacks, Blevins Franks Support

Baby Basics

A volunteer-led project that started in 2009 focuses on providing baby essentials and equipment to mothers and families who struggle to make ends meet. In collaboration with midwives and health care professionals, the committed team provides support to those who are underprivileged. The project also focuses on teenage mothers, people who are seeking asylum and women who are fleeing domestic abuse. In 2022 Baby Basics helped 43,662 children and their families. Our donation helped the disadvantaged families to receive the necessary basics for a new-born baby.

Crackerjacks Children’s Trust

The Trust aims to help as many differently abled children as possible by providing the specialist equipment, such as wheelchairs, special beds, bath lifting seats, children walking crutches, sensory toys, and respite breaks, all over the United Kingdom. Due to the extra costs that come with the special care, families with disabled children have a lower standard of living than non – disabled people. Their team consists of 11 people whose mission is to improve these families’ lives. With our donation they continue to better the service they provide and aid those who urgently need it.

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If you would like to make a donation towards our foundation you can do so
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