Why effective tax planning is so important

If you overlook tax planning, you could invite a higher bill tax than necessary on your savings, investments and assets, for you and your heirs.

Toulouse view; how UK assets are taxed in France

How is income from UK assets taxed in France?

Is it tax-efficient for UK expatriates to keep hold of UK assets like bank accounts, shares, property, bonds and pensions if living in France?

Six things you need to know about pensions today

Despite ongoing Brexit and political uncertainty, expatriates can still find beneficial opportunities when it comes to UK pensions.

France’s 2020 budget introduces an income tax cut

What changes does France’s 2020 budget propose for French tax on income, investments, real estate and assurance-vie policies?

A multi-generation family looking happy and relaxed; estate planning for Cyprus

Estate planning in Cyprus. Will you have control and certainty?

Expatriates in Cyprus can take steps to ensure the right money passes to the right hands at the right time in the most tax-efficient way.

Spanish villa; how much Spanish wealth tax will you pay?

How much wealth tax will you pay in Spain?

Wealth tax is a concern for high net worth residents in Spain, but with specialist advice you can often legitimately limit its effects.

Downsizing your home needn’t mean short-changing your heirs

With careful planning, it is possible to scale down the size of property to unlock retirement funds and still leave a lasting legacy for your family.

Eiffel Tower in France

New French residence portal for Britons in case of no-deal Brexit

The French government has launched an online portal to make it easier for UK nationals to secure residence if there’s a no-deal Brexit.

Five things expatriates need to know about UK inheritance tax

While domicile and property can affect inheritance tax liability, available reliefs can prevent your heirs from paying more tax than necessary.