New tax agreement between Spain and Gibraltar

Brexit has triggered a review of how Spain, Gibraltar and the UK work together in establishing tax residence and tackling tax avoidance.

Key elements for successful investing when living in France

What do you need to think about when it comes to creating and protecting your wealth as a French resident?

Will Spain’s 2021 tax enforcement plan affect you?

Spain’s new tax control plan aims to make sure everyone who meets the tax residence criteria is paying Spanish taxes as required.

Do UK pensions now attract wealth tax in Spain?

One potential effect of Brexit for Spanish residents is that some UK pensions may now fall into the Spanish wealth tax net for the first time.

Spanish villa: Legal & tax residency in Spain

Understanding ‘lawful’ and ‘tax’ residence in Spain 

Now that Brexit is here, it’s important that Britons in Spain understand the Spanish residence rules and meet their tax obligations, where relevant.

Woman submitting a French tax return on a laptop

Income tax return time in France

For those who were a resident of France in 2020, it is now time for the annual tax return for income and gains made during the 2020 calendar year.

Porto landscape; Residency & tax planning when moving to Portugal

Think beyond residency when planning for life in Portugal

Getting your tax, pensions, wealth management and estate planning right in advance will make moving to Portugal easier – and save you money.

Hands protecting a seedling: EU & UK bank deposit guarantees

How are your savings protected? Bank deposit guarantee schemes in the EU & UK

What level of protection do your savings have if a bank or financial institution fails? There are compensation schemes but they have limits.

Hands protecting seedling & coins: UK pensions & the lifetime allowance trap

Will your pensions get caught in the lifetime allowance trap?

Britons risk up to 55% taxation if pension funds go over the UK lifetime allowance (LTA), but expatriates have options that can limit exposure.