Understanding Tax Residency in Portugal

Getting to grips with Portugal’s tax and residency rules is the key to making sure expatriates meet their legal obligations and pay the right taxes in the right country.

Is 2017 the year of higher taxes for property owners in Portugal?

If you own property or are thinking about buying a home in Portugal, you could be affected by new tax rules, including a ‘wealth tax’ on high-value properties and a new way of defining ‘tax havens’.

Five things you should know about estate planning in Portugal

If you live in Portugal or have Portuguese assets, make sure your estate planning is in order. A good start is getting to know the key features of the Portuguese system and how they might affect you.

Portugal tax in 2017

While there were only minor changes to income tax this year, Portugal has introduced a new wealth tax from 2017 which could affect you if you own a property in Portugal.

Opportunity knocks for pensions… but maybe not for long (Portugal)

With Brexit looming and more options than ever, pensions can be a source of concern and confusion. However, expatriates in Portugal can find rewarding – but limited – opportunities.

Your Last Will And Testament And Living In Portugal

As a UK national living in Portugal it may be advisable to have two wills: a Portuguese one covering local assets and another in the UK covering other assets. Make sure one does not revoke the other. If you want to avoid Portuguese forced heirship you need to state this in your will.

Are You Ready For Exchange Of Information With Portugal?

The new global automatic exchange of information regime went live in January 2016, and the first information exchange will take place in 2017. It is more important than ever to make sure you are correctly declaring your income and paying tax in the right country.