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25 November 2014

Will The UK Inheritance Tax Threshold Increase?

UK inheritance tax continues to impact British expatriates since it is based on domicile rather than residence. UK Prime Minister David Cameron has indicated that he would like to increase the £325,000 threshold to £1 million next year.

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14 November 2014

French Budget Proposals for 2015

The 2015 budget proposal has three goals: cut the budget deficit; promote growth, and reduce tax for lower earners. It includes only limited changes to the tax system, but investors are still affected by previous budgets.

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11 November 2014

European Banks Stress Tests

20% of banks failed “stress tests” conducted by the European Banking Authority to see if they are strong enough to withstand another financial crisis.

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06 November 2014

No Hiding Place As 50 Countries Sign Deal To Share Your Information

Automatic exchange of information on a global scale will become a reality in 2017, as 51 countries signed an agreement to share financial information. Another 35 jurisdictions will join the following year.

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03 November 2014

Blevins Franks Acquires Siddalls In France

Blevins Franks is pleased to announce that it has agreed to acquire Siddalls France (Siddalls) from IFG Group PLC.

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31 October 2014

New EU Law On Automatic Exchange Of Information

EU member states have agreed to apply the widest possible scope of mandatory automatic exchange.

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24 October 2014

The Cost Of Living Longer

Provided we are of sound health and mind, most of us would relish the prospect of a nice long life. There are however financial implications at both personal and government levels, with the key issue being: can we afford it?

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